Sex & Death (Aus)


Official Selection

When betrayal and heartache strike an amateur actress, pretending to be normal will be her greatest performance.

Sex & Death is a six-part web series that follows aspiring but hopeless actress Charlie and her lost cause attempts at romance. Produced by Tobias Willis of Kewl Studios (Now Sound 2018) and starring Actor, Writer and Director Kathleen Lee (Bush Trip 2016) as the protagonist, herself.

Haunted by duplicitous lovers, selfish friends and a tyrannical acting coach, the series follows Charlie (Lee) on a tumultuous journey to emotional liberation and expressive freedom; drawing directly on Lee’s experience living with undiagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder. Featuring notable performances from Isabella Giovinazzo (Home and Away) and Raw Comedy winner Jonathan Schuster (Fancy Boy, Fresh Blood), Sex & Death is a fresh take on modern-day relationships from an essential new viewpoint.

    • Best Australian Drama
    • Best Screenplay
    • Best Supporting Actor or Ensemble

Director: Kathleen Lee
Writer: Kathleen Lee
Producer: Tobias Willis, Melissa Lee
Director of Photography: Jonathan Haynes
Editor: Kathleen Lee
Key Cast: Kathleen Lee, Lsabella Giovinazzo, Jonathan Schuster, Robin Brown, Grey Ulfan
Cinematographer: Jonathan Haynes
Production Designer:Alexandra McCloud-Gibson
Sound Post Production: Windmill Audio
Sound Editor & Mixer: Pip Atherstone-Reid
Sound Editor: Simon Rosenberg Post
Supporting Cast: Greg Ulfan, Robin Brown, Isabella Giovinazzo, Kathleen Lee, Carmelina Di Guglielmo, Jonathan Schuster, Tobias Willis, Rhys Mitchell