Sworn  Frenemies (USA)

International Spotlight

Esther’s Parisian life is thrown into shambles when Rex, her new American roommate, moves in.
The two think they are absolute opposites but they will soon realize they are made of the same criminal cloth.

    • Best International Spotlight

Director: Celine Nyanga
Writers: Alexandra Guerineaud, Weetus Cren
Producers: Alexandra Guerineaud, Zubi Mohammed, Jeffrey Magnussen
Key Cast: Weetus Cren, Alexandra Guerineaud, Julien Marlon Samani, Pascale Roger-McKeever, Luis Fernandez-Gil
Cinematographer: Kevin Burke
Editor: Céline Nyanga
Production Designer: Jon Stein
Sound Designer: Eric Lloyd
VFX Lead/Team: Weetus Cren
Supporting Cast: Julien Marlon Samani, Pascale Roger McKeever, Luiz Fernandez-Gil