The Laurels

International Spotlight

What’s the purpose of our bodies on this planet?

A chance encounter with a stranger triggers a distant memory inside Laurence. Since then, confronted with the authenticity of his own image, he has lived in different bodies that constantly bring him back to that memory buried in mysterious dreams.

  • Best International Spotlight

Writer-Producer-Director: Laurence Ly

Key Cast:

  • Irdens Exantus – “Laurence”
  • Ida Dudenhoeffer – “Laurence”
  • Sebastien R. Teller – “Laurence”
  • Alice Tran – “Julie”
  • Oliver Koomsatira – “Laurence”
  • Bénédicte Gobert – “La libraire”
  • Luc Chandonnet – “Guillaume”

Director of Photography: Guy-Carl Dubé

Production Design: Alizée Millot

Sound Design: Daniel Jacques Létourneau

Music: Thierry Simard