Undergarment Odysseys (AUS)

Australian Spotlight

Undergarment Odysseys is a four part anthology comedy web-series about sexual health. It’s satirical style is intended to educate as well as de-stigmatise various attitudes and issues surrounding sexual health. The series was produced in Melbourne for a small budget by an independent company of filmmakers.

    • Best Australian Spotlight

Directors: Alex Thomson, Harrison Lane, Tom Kerrigan
Millie Holten, Annabelle Ots, Samuel Pratt-White, Sebastian Klarica
Producer: Rachel Wilson
Cinematographer: Conor Jamieson
Editor: Alex Thomson (lead editor), Tom Kerrigan, Harrison Lane
Composer: Moses Carr Jamie Rorke AJ Sherwood Harrison Lane
Production Designer: Stephanie Crowe
Sound Designer: Rachel Wilson
Supporting Cast: Michelle Gerster, Brooke Raynor Jan Mihal, Natalie Fenwick, Alex Tomisich, Lachie Clarke, Joel Hrbek, Joanna Halliday, Alex Donnelly & Tim Clarke
Animator: Lauren Hunter