What Can I Get Started For You Podcast


Four baristas working in a high power New York office building balance caring for their finicky clientele with chatting, and curating the perfect Spotify cue for the next rush.

What Can I Get Started For You inspects what it means to love a “day job”… even if the company is a little too comfortable paying minimum wage. “Fuck Hut School for Teens” meets “Man Seeking Woman” with a dash of every coffee shop you’ve ever loved

Listen: https://anchor.fm/kelsey-harper0/episodes/Episode-1—Flies-e18o4vj

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Director:Writer: Kelsey Marie Harper


  • Kelsey Marie Harper
  • Lauren Versel
  • Dolly Hall

Key cast:

  • Julian Burzynski – “Tarleton”
  • Bettina Bresnan – “Security Camera”
  • Reid Pope – “Charlie”
  • Rachel Kaly – “Miranda”
  • Marie Faustin – “Kate”

Lead artists: Scottie Harvey, Henry Yuliano.