Wipe me away

official selection

Montreal, Quebec. An apartment building. Three rough childhoods collide. Mélissa, Eddy and Karine live in the same building and from a young age, they have to deal with an environment that crushes grown-ups. The hooker’s corner, the violent neighbourhood, parents’ debauchery parties, bad company, stealing to survive : for them, all this is quite normal, it’s their life. Are their parents to blame? Or do they love the best they can? Are we all condemned to reproduce what we have known?

  • Best International Drama

Director: Eric Piccoli.

Writors:  Eric Piccoli, Florence Laffond.

Producers: Marco Frascarelli, Eric Piccoli.

Key cast: 

  • Sarah-Maxine Racicot – “Mélissa”
  • Malik Gervais-Aubourg – “Eddy”
  • Charlee-Ann Paul – “Karine”
  • Jean-Nicolas Verreault – “Steve”La loi c’est la loi, District 31, Public Writer (season 2), Le Siège, Projet-M
  • Julie Perreault – “Mégane”Merci pour tout, Le Mirage, L’Échapée,19-2, Projet-M
  • Schelby Jean-Baptiste – “Louise”Il n’y a pas de faux métier, La Faille, Unité 9, Trauma
  • Anglesh Major – “Richardson”Toute la vie, Cerebrum