Twenty-something sisters Hannah and Eliza are setting out to revive the forgotten stories of the badass sheilas of Australian History.

Sheilas (AUS) co-creator Eliza Reilly spoke to Melbourne Webfest to share with us what it’s like to create a web series that focuses on the lives of important women throughout Australian history… in a uniquely comedic way.

Overall, how long have you been working on your series?

Sheilas has been in our hearts for a while now.  We’ve always been Big History nerds but I think we first started to think about it as a concept in 2015 or 2016. It doesn’t seem to be slowing down either. Turns out, there have been women doing cool stuff since the dawn of time!

How did you decide on the subject matter of your web series?

I think what really drives Hannah (co-creator, sister) and I, is feeling like Sheilas is a type of show that really should have been made before our time. We both studied history and never knew about these chicks. Why is that? We would have loved a show that celebrated badass women of Australian history growing up. So it feels great to be able to help out in that regard.

Sheilas Trailer

There are many sheilas whose stories have been swept under the rug throughout Australia’s history, how do you select whose story you want to share with the audience?

In SHEILAS the web series; we wanted to showcase four very different people in unique dilemmas. Not one type of woman or one type of problem defines what a ‘sheila’ can be.  So that was important to us. We also wanted to have fun directing in four different eras of Australian history. The bushranging 1890’s, the Victorian 1910’s, WW2 1940’s and the swinging 1960’s.

What is the research process like for each episode?

Long and detailed and taken much more seriously than people believe once they’ve seen the show. 

If they only took one thing, one message, what would you like the audience to take away from the series?

  1. “If those sheilas can hike up their petticoats and fly kick down the doors of prosperity, then so can I.”
  2. “My goodness; Hannah & Eliza are so very talented we simply must work with them immediately.”

What is the future of Sheilas

Getting as many sheilas stories as possible out from under the rug and letting them loose on the world.