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Melbourne Webfest 2022



Sept 30 – Oct 2





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Screen Australia 1 on 1s will be held at RMIT 2nd October between 3:15 to 6pm.

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A Story For Everyone

The ninth annual Melbourne WebFest celebrates storytelling and creative entrepreneurs. Honouring innovative digital creators, cast and crew, we’ll present 25 awards to entrants and has featured series from over 20 countries since conception. 

Experience the best in digital series entertainment from around the globe, in one convenient location. From industry panels, development workshops, talks, web series screenings, networking opportunities and a live pitching competition with ABC iviewMelbourne WebFest 2022 will be an experience for all to enjoy.

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2020 Official Selection: Discontent

2020 Official Selection: Discontent

Follow the journey of interconnected millennials as they navigate the anxieties of online dating, social media addictions and the love of their smartphones through the web series, Discontent (AUS).

The mind behind the series, Sam Rogers, spoke to Melbourne WebFest about his creative journey with his series.

2020 Official Selection: Italia Sicilia Gela

2020 Official Selection: Italia Sicilia Gela

Italia Sicilia Gela (ITA) focuses on Gela, one of the most contradictory cities in Italy, through the stories of many inhabitants.

We talked with writer and director Lacopo Patierno about the creation of the series and the beauty of filming around a city.

2020 Official Selection: Help

2020 Official Selection: Help

Determined to reclaim her life after a near-death experience resulting from her alcohol abuse, 27-year-old newly-sober Ki Royce must now make her way through a thicket of challenges.

We spoke with Help (AUS) creator, writer, producer, co-director and actress Fabiana Weiner about the series and the personal experience behind it’s creation, as well as what it’s like to put forward this type of story based around addiction.

2020 Official Selection: Fairy Floss

2020 Official Selection: Fairy Floss

Fairy Floss (AUS) finds housemates and friends; Jacob and Savanna, interviewing for a room in their Melbourne share house, but neither could be prepared for the outrageous characters they will encounter over the course of their day.

We spoke to Harry Quinlan, the writer and director of Fairy Floss to get a look into the crazy world of housemate hunting and the process of creating the unique characters that make up the series.

2020 Spotlight Selection: Stu, My Name is Stu

2020 Spotlight Selection: Stu, My Name is Stu

Stu, My Name is Stu (GBR) follows the adventures of Stu, a wannabe actor in London, a city full of dreams, doomed auditions and awkward flatmates. You’ll get to meet his compulsive liar agent, his unsupportive mum and all the crazy Londoners that’ll cross Stu’s path on his journey towards success.

Capucine Tavoillot, Director of the 2020 Spotlight Selection web series, told Melbourne WebFest about the making of the show and the equipment used, the people involved in the series, and the message she hopes to convey.

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