2020 Festival 

4 – 6 September

The eighth annual Melbourne WebFest will celebrate storytelling and creative entrepreneursOver the course of three days, you will experience the best in digital series entertainment from around the globe. From industry panels, development workshops, web series on demand, networking opportunities and a live pitching competition with ABC iview, Melbourne WebFest 2020 is sure to be an incredible experience, accessible to everyone online!


  • Meta Runner (AUS)
  • Moments of Clarity (AUS)
  • Nurry Brothers Adventure World (AUS)
  • Deluxe Motion (S2) (CAN)
  • Dead End (ISR)
  • Forest League (BRA)
Australian Comedy
  • Robbie Hood
  • Girl, Interpreted
  • Pet Killer
  • Australia’s Best Street Racer
  • Pull My Finger
  • Bible Writers’ Room
  • Carpark Clubbing
  • KGB
  • Phi and Me
  • Fairy Floss
  • Content
Australian Drama
  • Sex & Death
  • Discontent
  • Nevernight
  • Without A Tracey
  • Help
International Comedy
  • The Rule of Three (CAN)
  • Epic NPC Man (NZL)
  • Adulthood (S3) (CAN)
  • Adulting (PER)
  • How To Buy A Baby (S2) (CAN)
  • Slippers (CHE)
  • Connecting (S2) (CAN)
  • The Florists (CAN)
  • We Are Einsteins (CHE)
  • Hospital Show (CAN)
International Drama
  • La Panne (CAN)
  • Genre Humaine (S2) (FRA)
  • Dominos (S2) (CAN)
  • Home Turf (CAN)
  • The Square Root (USA)
  • I, Celebrity (BRA)
  • After Forever (S2) (USA)
  • Anomalie (DEU)
  • The Multiverse At 13 Hill Ave (SGP)
  • Like Me, Like A Joker (S2) (ITA)
  • Public Writer (S3) (CAN)
  • One Woman (ISR)
  • Love Shop (SGP)
  • Misadventures of a Pacific Professional (NZL)
Australian Non-Fiction
  • Sheilas
  • The Common Thread
  • The Boy in the Blue Cap: The Gerard Ross Story
  • Youth On Strike!
  • Bananas
  • Biogenesis

International Non-Fiction
  • Section, Marche! (CHE)
  • Cypher (CAN)
  • Italia Sicilia Gela (ITA)
  • Who Killed Lucy the Poodle? (NZL)


International Spotlight
  • Stu, My Name is Stu (GBR)
  • Loner (NZL)
  • Right Now (GBR)
  • W. (LUX)
  • Exiliados (CAN)
  • Housing Unit (ARG)
  • The Last YouTuber (URY)
  • Sworn Frenemies (USA)
  • Gorillaville (USA)
  • Slug Seeks Shell (USA)
 Australian Spotlight
  • The Art of Making Art
  • Density By Design
  • Drunk Movies
  • Bondi Slayer
  • Welfare
  • How Deadly
  • Undergarment Odysseys
  • Paramedics SUV
  • Supertramps
Student series
  • Pandas Don’t Cry (DEU)
  • After the Lockout (AUS)
  • Williams Explains (AUS)
  • Uplift (AUS)
  • Forest of Light (BRA)


Best Cinematography
  • The Rule of Three Simon Villeneuve
  • Meta Runner  Matthew Peckham
  • Robbie Hood Drew English
  • Dominos (S2) Zoé Pelchat Ouellet
  • Home Turf Mara Joly
  • Adulthood (S3) Olivier Laberge
  • La Panne: Étienne Boilard
  • The Common Thread Caleb Graham  
Best Directing
  • Genre Humaine (S2) Amaury Dequé
  • The Common Thread Darius Devas
  • Dominos (S2) Zoé Pelchat Ouellet
  • The Square Root Misti Boland, Jeremy Osbern
  • Adulthood (S3) Guillaume Lonergan
  • The Boy in the Blue Cap: The Gerard Ross Story Kristin Shorten
  • Public Writer (S3) Eric Piccoli
  • Robbie Hood Dylan River


Best Lead Actor or Ensemble
  • Home Turf Sarah Cantin “Sahara”
  • One Woman Nili Tserruya “Sharon, Sara, Mor, Adam, Liza”
  • Bible Writers’ Room Troy Larkin “Matthew”, David Gannon “John”, Nathan Strauss “Mark”, Natalie Bond “Luka”
  • Australia’s Best Street Racer Dylan Hesp “Taylor James”  
  • La Panne André Kasper “Jonathan”, Kelly Dépeault “Marie-Noëlle”, Jacob Whiteduck-Lavoie “Fernand”, Emi Chicoine “Mahée”, Mathieu Drouin “Mathieu”
  • Pet Killer Charles Cottier “Brooks”
  • Girl, Interpreted Jenny Zhou “Lillian”
  • How To Buy A Baby (S2) Meghan Heffern “Jane ”, Marc Bendavid “Charlie”
  • Public Writer (S3) Emmanuel Schwartz “Mathieu”
  • Adulthood (S3) Sarah Anne Parent “Lucille-Maude”, Guillaume Lambert “Tom”, Mickaël Gouin “Alex”, Mylène Mackay “Amélie”, Geneviève Boivin-Roussy “Virginie”, Fayolle Jean Jr. “Max”, Leïla Donabelle-Kaze “Shanel-Magali”, Richard Fréchette “Léonard”, Jean-Carl Boucher “Victor Soulières”
Best Production Design
  • Nevernight Jessie Bolton-Bound
  • Epic NPC Man James Goldenthal
  • Sheilas Karla Milat
  • Hospital Show Caitlin Byrnes
  • Home Turf Ludovic Dufresne
  • Like Me, Like A Joker (S2) Francesco Foti, Chiara Mirabella
  • Deluxe Motion (S2) Marie-Pier Fortier, Clélia Brissaud, Alexandre Paquet
  • Carpark Clubbing
    Emma Bourke
Best Original Score
  • Home Turf Maxime Fortin
  • Forest League Rogerio Naccache
  • Robbie Hood Andy Golledge & The Andy Golledge Band
  • Anomalie Stephan Böhl, Thomas Meudt
  • Cypher Derek Christoff
  • Square Root Nathan Towns
  • Meta Runner AJ Dispirito
  • The Rule of Three Paul-Étienne Côté
    Best Sound Design
    • Meta Runner Sarah Baradhi & Michael Barbagallo
    • Deluxe Motion (S2) Michael Binette
    • Content Luke Mynott
    • Pull My Finger Mario Hannah
    • Dead End Ori Kadishay
    • Sheilas Yossi Levine, Gavin Marsh, Evan Horton, Dave Perry
    • Dominos (S2) Francis Gauthier, Alexis Pilon Gladu
    • Epic NPC Man Adam King, Alan Morrison, Rowan Bettjeman
    • Slippers Victor Colelough
    Best Supporting Actor or Ensemble
    • The Rule of Three Marc Labrèche “Papa”
    • The Florists Said Benyoucef “Akmar Bensalem”
    • KGB Mark Coles Smith “William”, Jesse Phillips “David”, Genevieve Morris “Captain Stokes”, Aaron L. McGrath “Roland”
    • Nevernight Jordi Webber “Tric”
    • Sex & Death Jonathan Schuster “Pat”, Robin Brown “Damian”, Isabella Giovinazzo “Tanya”
    • Connecting (S2) Tayna V. Lavoie “Lili”
    • Slippers Laura Chaignat “Simone”
    • Public Writer (S3) Sandrine Bisson “Jojo”
    • Without A Tracey Caroline McQuade “Cindy Kimmel”
    Best Visual/Special Effects
    • Meta Runner Joel Bobbin
    • Content Patrick Cederberg
    • Pull My Finger Josh Hackett, Jamie Rangitaawa
    • Deluxe Motion (S2) Sardine Productions
    • Epic NPC Man Lane Carter
    • The Multiverse At 13 Hill Ave Daniel Yam
    • Nevernight Caleb De Leon
    • The Square Root Jim McCullough
    Best Editing
    • The Square Root Stephen Deaver
    • Epic NPC Man Rowan Bettjeman
    • Content Patrick Cederberg, Michael Griffin
    • Youth On Strike! Laura Worth, Sabine Battel
    • Section, Marche! Steven Blatter
    • The Rule of Three François Larochelle
    • Sheilas James Edwards, Kate Deegan, Nick McDougall
    • Dominos (S2) Louis Chevalier, Guillaume Marin
    Best Screenplay
    • Dead End Nir Berger, Ofir Z Sasson
    • Moments of Clarity Tim Logan
    • Girl, Interpreted Grace Feng Fang Juan
    • Genre Humaine (S2) Eleonore Costes
    • The Rule of Three Mickaël Gouin, Léane Labrèche-Dor
    • Adulthood (S3) Guillaume Lambert
    • The Florists Nicolas Krief
    • Fairy Floss Harry Quinlan
    • Pet Killer Tibo Pinsard, Paul Michael Ayre, Amichai Greenberg
    • Sex & Death Kathleen Lee