Talk Is Cheap is a documentary style web series on YouTube hosted by journalist, Julia Vogl. The shows premise is to destroy the barrier between fans and celebrities, through an entertaining and thought provoking medium.

Talk Is Cheap is made up of two parts, a behind the scenes look into the guests daily routine/ life, and an extreme challenge. This model humanises each guest in a way that their own online content doesn’t allow for. It allows access to fans of a side rarely seen.

The show evokes real emotions, spontaneity, and breaks down the barriers of controlled social media content that is sometimes considered fake.

Entertaining, real, funny and unfiltered- the show is a first of its kind and provides viewers with unrivalled video content of their favourite people. It’ll blow your hair back!

How do you go about securing talent?
My Producer and I, Laura D’Augello spend much of our time researching talent that may be of particular relevance at the time of our pre- production process. Using our industry contacts, along with some boldness, we determine who may be a good fit for the show based on their target audience, fans and media perception.

Is it difficult working with people who have a celebrity status?
It can be difficult working with celebrities in the sense that the highest level of professionalism is required at all times, and nothing can be left unaccounted for. As a team, we have found this to be a fantastic learning experience and hold ourselves with the highest responsibility to ensure guests, who already have a huge public image, are comfortable and being represented in the best way possible. 

What (and/or who) inspired your series?
Since I first graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Journalism, I knew I wanted to create my own online content. My skill set has always been in the interview process and I’ve always had a natural curiosity into some of the simpler things in relation to celebrity life. The fusion of this, and feeling like my TV presenting capabilities were never quite highlighted in the best way I thought they could be, Talk is Cheap was born. I’ve learnt that you are only as good as your best job, and with this I decided to take control of the content I was putting my name and face to, and provide hungry viewers with a show that is, in its fullest form, a representation of celebrities and their stories, delivered in the Julia Vogl style. 

Is there a magic formula for a successful web series?
I think becoming discoverable and accessible is the key to a successful web series. No magic formula exists, just determination, endurance and a hell of a lot of hard work!! 

In what ways do you utilise social media to further your brand?
In every way possible. Social media is the key to the success of Talk is Cheap. With the help of platforms like Instagram and Facebook, the show has become what it is. These platforms have been the driving force behind our viewers. 

Is your series an ongoing project? If so can you give us some clues about what comes next?
Talk is Cheap is always ongoing, having completed the 3rd episode, which is in post production currently, and have some opportunities to take the show international, their is a lot more coming from us and we welcome all the support we can get! 

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