Alibi (NZ)

official selection

Alibi is a six-part online crime drama made for TVNZ OnDemand. The series centres around the murder of 17-year-old Awatahi 
student, Jodie Hunter.

Alibi is the same story told from six different perspectives, with 
each episode focusing on a suspect in the murder. The series is 
unique in that it’s non-linear – the episodes can be watched in 
any order. Each viewer can decide how they want to watch it. 
As they watch, they piece together the story and can reach their 
own conclusion as to who killed Jodie Hunter.

  • Best International Drama
  • Best Director – David De Lautour
  • Best Lead Actor or Ensemble – Joel Tobeck, Xavier Horan, Melanie Vallejo, Fasitua Amosa, Lindsay Daniels, Dylan Poihipi
  • Best Original Score – Mike Newport
  • Best Screenplay – Hannah Marshall, David De Lautour

Cinematographer: Marty Smith
Editor: Ben Chesters
Composer: Mike Newport
Production Designer: Alex Matthews
Sound Designer: Adam Illes & Clive Broughton
Supporting Cast: Tandi Wright, Madeleine Adams, Lindsay Daniels, Dylan Poihipi, Xavier Horan, Joel Tobeck, Melanie Vallejo, Fasitua Amosa, Hannah Marshall, Matt Chamberlain, Narelle Ahrens, Frank Borrell
VFX Lead/Team: Leon Woods & Steen Bech

Created by: Gareth Williams, Hannah Marshall, David de Lautour
Director: David de Lautour
Producer: Gareth Williams, Hannah Marshall
Writer: Hannah Marshall, David de Lautour
Key Cast: Joel Tobeck, Xavier Horan, Melanie Vallejo, Fasitua Amosa, Lindsay Daniels, Madeleine Adams, Dylan Poihipi