Boldiouk & Bradock (bel)

official selection

Boldiouk, a young film writer, is absolutely unable to finish the stories he’s writing. Cursed by a mysterious sorceress, he gets stuck in a fantastic and scary world populated by his unfinished creations : The Schpountz. With Bradock’s help, a crazy impulsive guy with strange hair, will Boldiouk be able to face the dangers of the Schpountz and get home safe and sound?

  • Best International Comedy
  • Best Sound Design – Luis Trinques
  • Best Visual/Special Effects – Michiel Blanchart
  • Best Supporting Actor or Ensemble – Alexandre Herault
  • Best Production Design – Thomas Delord
Cinematographer: Sylvestre Vannoorenberghe
Editor: Matthieu Jamet
Composer: Victor Fournier, Emil Stengele
Production Designer: Eric Jaminet
Sound Designer: Luis Trinques
VFX Lead/Team: Michiel Blanchart

Director: Théophile Mou
Writer: Tom Vander Borght, Théophile Mou, Ianis Habert, Alexandre Mailleux, Romuald Dagry
Producer: Toussaint Colombani, Félix Colombani
Key Cast: Loïc Buisson, Alexandre Herault, Zoé Coutentin, Luc Van Grunderbeek, Benoît Verhaert, Anthony Molina-Diazk, Noya Dalem, Florence Roux, Mei Dumont, Sarah Joseph