dee-brief (Aus)

official selection

After Dee breaks up with her long term, on-again off-again partner, she moves in with best friend Kate to try and put the pieces back together.

But ‘adulting’ is hard when your best friend is just so damn excited to have you around again. And being single looked a hell of a lot different the last time you were here.

  • Best Australian Drama

Cinematographer: Josh Mitchell-Frey
Editor: Ryan Bird
Composer: Various Artists
Production Designer: Sasha Dalton
Sound Designer: Ryan Bird
Supporting Cast: Joshua Hine, Luke Goodall, Marc Gallagher, Tegan Crowley, Matt Trubiani, Liam Seymour, Rhett Hughes

Director: Sarah Hickey
Writer: Jessica Pearce, Sarah Hickey, Alexandra Hines, Chloe Martin, Hannah Tobin, Sophie Burke
Producer: Jessica Pearce, Sarah Hickey, Josh Mitchell-Frey, Ryan Bird, Ang Vogt
Key Cast: Alexandra Hines, Chloe Martin