Fast heroes sixty (deu)

official selection

Pit, Croissant and Rino run a perfectly normal pizzeria until one day they meet the “monk” who gives them superpowers. 
Since then our heroes fight for platonic love and reasonably affordable justice!

  • Best Animation
  • Best Original Score – Stephan Schelens, Patrick Puszko

Cinematography: Jason Hargreaves
Editing: Steve Baker
Original Score: Megan Carnes
Production Design: Christopher Cox
Sound Design: Luke Mynott
Supporting cast: Ruben Francis Jack Henry Jacqui Story Jack Kelly Cameron Pugh
Visual/Special Effects: Joe Lancaster Steve Bake

Director: Cheng Klaus Schuh (WTC)
Writer: Aika Soy
Producer: Iijia Brunck, Cheng Klaus Schuh
Key Cast: Sabine Bohlmann, Ferdinand Engländer, Patrick Puszko, Caroline Combrinck, Dominik Auer
Sound Design: David Janus
Background Artist: Susanne Herzog
Score: Stephan Schelens & Patrick Puszko
Pipeline Architect: Triple C