feedback (AUS)

official selection

Feedback is a five part Melbourne based comedy about being young, creative, and riddled with self doubt.

It follows Edmund, a suffering writer in self exile from his comfortable family home and Levi, a guitarist coming off a long bender to focus on his music. Lucy, a nursing student at a crossroads and a concerned sister to Edmund, often gets swept up in their dysfunctional orbit.

  • Best Australian Comedy

Cinematographer: Jackson Tipping
Editor: Dylan Murphy
Composer: Sam Harding, Sam Drew-Rumoro
Sound Designer: Dylan Murphy
Supporting Cast: Ailie Bellofiore, Vaterisio Tuikaba, Molly Daniels, Tamiah Bantum, Tiana Hogben, Simon McCulloch, Laura Buskes, Liam Alexander-Quinn, Matt Jenner, Stan Roach, Mark Mitchell, Dougie Baldwin, Alexis Watt, Broni Lisle, Chloe Martin, Stayci Taylor, Rosina Gannon, Katrina Sebastian, Yasmin Bushby

Director: Dylan Murphy
Writer: Dylan Murphy, Tom Henry Jones
Producer: Michelle Melky, Manou Staedel-Arnould
Key Cast: Tom Henry Jones, James Morris, Ailie Bellofiore