Lucy & dIC (AUS)

official selection

A simple urban story about a girl and her robot, a floating support drone that talks and is a bit of a asshole.

  • Best Australian Comedy
  • Best Directing – Jeremy Kelly-Bakker
  • Best Visual/Special Effects – Jeremy Kelly-Bakker
  • Best Supporting Actor or Ensemble – Ethan Marrell
  • Ruby Ticket Award Winner – Rio WebFest

Cinematographer: Aaron Schuppan
Krystle Penhall
Mike Darren
Production Designer: 
Pop Allen
Sound Designer:
Leigh Kenyon
Supporting Cast:
Richard Davies, Kate Box, Steph Bendixsen, Steven ‘Bajo’ O’Donnell, Michael Phillippou, Ben Nicholas, Roy Phung, Stella Badenoch, Natasha Wanganeen
VFX Lead/Team:
Jeremy Kelly-Bakker

Director: Jeremy Kelly-Bakker
Writer: Tom Phillips, Jeremy Kelly-Bakker
Producer: Tom Phillips
Key Cast: Lucy Gransbury, Ethan ‘Ozzyman Reviews’ Marrell