monkey monkey shake shake (Aus)

australian spotlight

Described as a “neo-Dada, punk-crafted explosion” (Byron Arts Magazine), Monkey Monkey Shake Shake mash up music, performance, costume, dance, art, comedy, animation and film – creating their own irresistible mythology, characters, and genre-defying world. 
Inspired by a bear, they danced and filmed the Grizzly Bear song on the streets of Byron and Brisbane. Then Tokyo… then Seoul. There was a spark that crossed culture, age, genders and all kinds of boundaries. People came out of their shell.

So they wrote more songs, made more costumes, and performed on more streets, at a rabbi party, a gallery in Seoul, Brisbane Powerhouse, Splendour in the Craft 2016-18, Falls Festival ‘17, beaches, train stations, and AGI Open – the world’s biggest design conference. 

Prepare to be delighted and slightly confused! 

  • Best Australian Spotlight

Cinematographer: James Henry, Sem Han, Sheldon Lieberman, Stephanie Walsh
Editor: James Henry
Composer: Sheldon Lieberman, Sem Han

Director: James Henry, Teagan Young
Producer: Stephanie Walsh