scribbles (NY)

official selection

Haunted by guilt and on thin ice at work, a disillusioned illustrator is pushed to the edge of sanity when his latest drawing springs off the page, splattering his monochrome world with colour.

  • Best International Comedy
  • Best Supporting Actor or Ensemble – Jeane Reveendran

Cinematographer: Mike Magilnick
Editor: Brianna O’Grady
Composer: Warren Hibbert
Production Designer: Kat VanCleave
Sound Designer: Warren Hibbert
Supporting Cast: Brandon Garegnani, Jeane Reveendran
VFX Lead/Team: Mike Magilnick

Director: Lynnsey Ooten
Writer: Brandon Garegnani
Producer: Jeane Reveendran, Brandon Garegnani, Lynnsey Ooten
Key Cast: Brandon Garegnani, Jeane Reveendran