subverse (Usa)

official selection

SUBVERSE is a sci-fi web-series about the dark side of the Internet. Addiction. Dating. Privacy. Public shaming.

In an alternate reality where everyone spends all their time indoors staring at computer screens, MAX agrees to go on a date in the ‘outside’ world. It doesn’t go well. 

Filled with self-loathing, he returns home and plunges headfirst into a drunken, hallucinogenic trip through the dark net.

  • Best International Drama
  • Best Editing – Joseph White
  • Best Sound Design – Henry Flewitt, James Hepher

Cinematographer: Julian Rad
Editor: Joseph White
Composer: Tristan Cassel-Delavois
Production Designer: Jason Slack
Sound Designer: Henry Flewitt James Hepher
Supporting Cast: Eric Robinson Alexandra Rey
VFX Lead/Team: Joseph White

Director: Joseph White
Writer: Joseph White
Producer: Julian Rad
Key Cast: Eric Robinson, Alexandra Rey