That Startup Show (aus)

official selection

That Startup Show is Australia’s no 1 show about startup culture. It’s an award winning live / online TV series focusing on the fast-growing entrepreneurial boom and the culture that surrounds it. Shot in a brand new purpose built studio in Melbourne’s CBD, this brand new season of That Startup Show will be hosted by leading news anchors: editor of Junkee, and TV Host, Rae Johnston with award winning author and media personality Benjamin Law showcasing a new generation of startup stars pitching to leaders in the field.

  • Best Australian Non-Fiction

Editor: Ahmed Salama, Evan Munroe-Smith
Production Designer: Ahmed Salama
VFX Lead/Team: Ahmed Salama

Director: Ahmed Salama, Marian Matthews, Nick Vaut
Writer: Anna Reeves, Warwick Holt, Ahmed Salama, Andy Matthews, Josh Samuels, Maggie Looke
Producer: Anna Reeves, Ahmed Salama
Key Cast: Rae Johnston, Benjamin Law