The deep end (aus)

Student Series

Andy, a hapless romantic, has fallen head over heels for the girl of his dreams. Will he finally find love? And what do his roommates think?

  • Best Student Series

Cinematographer: Bremer Sharp
Editor: William He, Bremer Sharp
Production Designer: William He
Sound Designer: William He, Bremer Sharp
Supporting Cast: William He, Kat Carrington, Sylvia Gunn, Zack Schofield, Jasmine Ryan, Jack Foster

Director: William He
Writer: William He, Kat Carrington, Ria Pflaum, Zack Schofield, Sara Warner
Producer: William He, Kat Carrington, Ria Pflaum, Bremer Sharp, Zack Schofield
Key Cast: Laura Emerson, Eldon Huang, Lachlan Thomson, Emily Dickey, Oscar Jolly