Adulting (per)

Official Selection


Verb// To mimic the behaviour of real adults, in an attempt to trick people into thinking you are a real adult as well.

(E.g.: Apply for loans, have three-day hangovers and get excited about bed linen sales)

A broke graphic designer, an architect on the verge of a nervous breakdown, a nice girl with identity crisis, and the strong-headed (and very bearded) owner of a craft brewery, face life after 30. Between memes, coworking spaces, WhatsApp groups and anxiety, lots of anxiety, these 4 millennials pursue their dreams and make their own rules… or at least that’s what they post on Instagram.

    • Best International Comedy

Director: Joanna Lombardi
Writer: Bruno Ascenzo
Key Cast: Jely Reátegui, Gisela ponce de león, Emilia Drago, Rodrigo Palacios, Oscar Meza
Cinematographer: Roberto Maceda Kohatsu
Editor: Eric Williams
Composer: Jorge Miranda
Production Designer: Enid “Pinky” Campos

Sound Designer: Sonamos
Supporting Cast: Jely Reátegui, Gisela Ponce de León, Emilia Drago, Rodrigo Palacios, Oscar Meza
VFX Lead: Kiné Imagenes