Anomalie (deu)

Official Selection

Anomalie tells the story of a young man in his early twenties. He travels to Darmstadt, to solve the mystery of his heritage. His parents, acclaimed scientists in the field of quantum mechanics worked there until their mysterious disappearance. Why is it so hard to find more information on his parents work? Who did they work with? What is the “Augur Projekt”? Jan pretends to be a student to find answers at the University, where he finds new friends. The trio is drawn into the conspiracy surrounding his parents research. Every answer poses new questions. Who can he trust? Why is he being hunted? Step by step Jan uncovers his own connection to the city and the secrets that might just put him and his friends in harms

    • Best International Drama
    • Best Original Score

Director: Christian Stadach
Writer: Christian Stadach, Stephan Böhl
Producer: Christian Stadach, Thomas Meudt, Stephan Böhl
Assistant Producer: 
Georg Gilstein
Key Cast: Marc Boutter, Thomas Bartling, Grace Risch, Lisa Degner, Joris Schwarz, Juliane Behneke, Rüdiger Hauffe, Sebastian Herrmann, Randolph Herbst, Ryan Wichert, Saskia Simunek, Patrick Dewayne, Thomas Mill, Jutta Fastian, Lenny Dewayne, Naomi Diémé, Uli Cyran, Nicole Fornoff, Jerone de Preter, Anna-Marlene Wirtz, Kim Schöttker
Cinematographer: Marco Eisenbarth
Editor: Marco Eisenbarth, Christian Stadach
Composer: Stephan Böhl, Thomas Meudt
Production Designer: Stephan Böhl, Christian Stadach
Sound Designer: Stephan Böhl, Thomas Meudt
VFX Team: Christian Stadach, Philipp Heinrich, Martin Köhler, Niklas Rüffler
Camera Assistant: 
Laura Fischer
Lighting: Julian Zalac, Clara Tille Berge
Sound Recordist: Perschya Cherazi, Marco Dahl, Mariana Andrade Koch, Thomas Meudt, Thomas Grobbauer
Hair & Make Up: Kirsten Widmann, Kathrin Planert, Sedef Musaoglu, Melanie Horn, Ayse Ali Basoglu
Making Of: Laura Köhler
Set Runner: Dominik Stadach, Jannic Sabo, Nils  Hanemann
Crane Operator: Jörg Lassek
SFX & UI Design: Philipp Heinrich
Supporting Cast: Thomas Bartling – Guerino Labraccio Grace Risch – Emilia van Leeuwen Sebastian Herrmann – Alex Vogt Ryan Wichert – Steven Bennet Lisa Degner – Marie Hoffer Joris Schwarz – Nicolai Sorokin Anna-Marlene Wirtz – Luisa Ahrens Jerone de Preter – Jan Gerlach/Ahrens (Kid) Juliane Behneke – Carolin Gerlach Rüdiger Hauffe – Falk Gerlach Randolph Herbst – Rolf Sommer Thomas Mill – Magnus van Leeuwen Patrick Dewayne – Julius van Leeuwen