Caterpillars’ Times: S2

(Le temps des chenilles)


official selection

It’s a warm winter towards north on a Christmas spirit. Alix and Bibi are going to spend the holidays in their native region. The journey is long. It is darker than white along the road as seen from the passenger bus. Alix has not set foot in her family home since last summer after her parents kicked her out the day after she turned 21. She knows very well that we will act as if nothing has happened. Luckily, Bibi is there by her side, more crazy than ever. Otherwise, the holidays may be less festive. Especially since Alix lost her wallet somewhere along the way. But things change when the caterpillars are sleeping. It flashes strangely Christmas lights without snow in the background. It’s a weird holiday season, not too relaxing.

  • Best International Drama
  • Best Directing – Catherine White
  • Best Supporting Actor or Ensemble – Sophia Belahmer

Cinematographer: Louka Boutin
Editor: Akim Gagnon
Composer: Maxime Navert
Production Designer: Mathilde Beaudoin-Tessier
Sound Designer: Jean-Philippe

Director: Catherine White
Writer: Catherine White
Producer: Marco Frascarelli, Eric Picolli, Félix Rose, Philippe Allard
Key Cast: Karelle Tremblay, Sophia Belahmer, Jean-Carl Boucher, Maxime Desjardins-Tremblay, Vincent Fafard, Juliette Gosselin, Louise Bombardier, Bernard Fortin, Maud St-Germain, Gaston Caron, Louise Malaouin, Jeanne Ostiguy, Denis Houle