Death Doula


When unfulfilled thirty-something Annie, loses her best friend in a car accident, she starts experiencing visions of a world beyond the mortal plane.

Grief-stricken, Annie channels her newfound ability and trains to become a DEATH DOULA – haphazardly walking people to the other side with an emphasis on the heartfelt and the hilarious.

  • Best Student Series

Writer-Director: Jenna Sutch


  • Jenna Sutch
  • James Kwong
  • Josh Anderson

Key Cast: 

  • Jenna Sutch – “Annie”
  • Eliza Scott – “Em”
  • Gabriel Govinda Gilbert-Dey – “Felix”
  • Sarah Woods – “Amethyst”
  • Niki Owen – “Carol”
  • Nicholas Cassim – “Dale”
  • Finn Corbett – “Ben”
  • Emily Havea – “Jac”