Deluxe motion (S2) (CAN)

Official Selection

Mouvement Deluxe is a stop motion webseries for adults and disobedient teenagers – that will definitely not make the world better. It features five blameworthy characters which push the boundaries of absurdity and rudeness.

    • Best Animation
    • Best Sound Design
    • Best Production Design
    • Best VFX

Director: Mathieu Handfield
Writers: Mathieu Handfield, Simon Lacroix, Gabriel D’Almeida Freitas, Patrick Evans, Patrick Dupuis, Guillaume Lambert, Guillaume Tremblay
Producer: Johannie Deschambault
Key Cast: Jean-Philippe Baril-Guérard, Catherine Brunet, Pierre-Yves Cardinal, Patrick Evans, Didier Lucien, Guy Nadon, Martin Watier
Animation: Sardine Production
Editing: Jules Saulnier
Artistic Directors – Set: Clélia Brissaud, 
Alexandre Paquet
Artistic Director – Puppets: Marie-Pier Fortier
Sound Designer: Michael Binette
Original Soundtrack: Steeve Tétreault, Antoine Grégoire-Faucher
Theme Song: Alaclair Ensemble
Director of Photography: Maurice Vadeboncoeur
3D Animation: Alaclair Ensemble
Cinematographer: Maurice Vadeboncoeur
Composer: Medhat Handbali Steeve Tétrault
VFX Lead/Team: Sardine Productions