Farm Crime

official selection

After an award-winning first season, Farm Crime is back!

Farm Crime is a true crime documentary series investigating unconventional offences in farming and agriculture.

Each episode examines a case that wouldn’t typically make the front page; instead of tales of murder, assault or violent home invasion, the series explores crimes that take place in the margins – the fields, farms and secretive small towns that dot the countryside.

Horses gone missing. Thousands of dollars-worth of stolen lobster. Invasive murder hornets. These are farm crimes, and they exact a real toll on largely rural victims who don’t always get their due. Farm Crime approaches these stories with respectful curiosity, and a tone that’s more akin to podcasts like ‘Serial’ and ‘S-Town’ than your typical true crime fare, speaking directly with the fascinating people who populate these worlds, seeking answers, closure and justice.

  • Best International Non-Fiction


  • Kat Jayme
  • Stephanie Joline
  • Maya Annik Bedward
  • Alexandra Lazarowich
  • Geoff Morrison
  • Conor McNally


  • Geoff Morrison
  • Christina Carvalho