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Nyimas Laula is an Indonesian photojournalist based in Jakarta and Bali, Indonesia. Her works focus on environmental and human rights issues across the country. She began her journey in 2015 and has since worked with Reuters, The New York Times, National Geographic, and VICE. Nyimas Laula is currently in Bali, Indonesia, and available for news, editorial, documentary, and commercial assignments in the country.

Rizky Rahad is an independent director, producer, and fixer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. His work seeks to reimagine Indonesia’s hetero-patriarchal narrative through intimate collaborations with the fringes of society, from a Javanese dance troupe reviving an ancient drag tradition to Timorese women tattooing themselves to survive sexual slavery. Rizky joined VICE as a senior producer in 2016.

  • Best International Non-Fiction

Director: Nyimas Laula, Rizky Rahad.

Writer-Producer: Tobias Thiele