Forest of Light (BRA)

Student Selection

Forest of Light is the perfect country city. Clean, organized and bucolic. But the apparent perfection of the place is undermined when Helena, a young documentary filmmaker, decides to investigate the mysterious disappearances of young people from the community. The discoveries will take her on a much more macabre path. A fate so terrifying that it could make her doubt what is real and what is delirium caused by fear.

    • Best Student Award

Directors: Allan Riggs, William Nunes, Charles Chu
Writers: Allan Riggs, William Nunes, Charles Chu
Producers: Allan Riggs, Rafael Mog, Guilherme Pacheco
Key Cast: Andressa Matos, Robertor Rios, Ana Spohr, Allan Riggs, Juliana Katz
Cinematographer: Leonardo Reis
Editor: Allan Riggs
Composer: Score from Triune Sounds
Production Designer: Allan Riggs, Guilherme Pacheco and Rafael Mog
Sound Designer: Italo Dessimon
Supporting Cast: Ana Spohr, Allan Riggs, Juliana Katz and Bruno Fernandez