Genre Humaine (S2)

Official Selection

Genre Humaine, it’s Eleonore’s kind through her slices of life. A girl like everyone else, anxious, frustrated, dithering all the time. Normal.

  • Best International Drama
  • Best Director
  • Best Screenplay

Director: Amaury Dequé
Writer: Eleonore Costes
Producers: Ervin Le Goaziou & Romain Prouveur
Cast: Eleonore Costes, Raphaelle Costes, Arno Chevrier, Muriel Combeau, Marion Seclin, Lionel Laget, Julien Pestel, Raphael Carlier, Romain Lancry, Shirley Souagnon
Cinematographer: Amaury Dequé
Editor: Stefan Carlod