Guinea Pigs (Australia)

official selection

With bills piling up, slackers Alex and Nugget sign up for a lucrative medical trial and encounter a chaotic world full of professional lab rats, sadistic staff, bizarre side effects and drugs that have yet to be tested on humans.

  • Best Australian Comedy

Director:Melissa Pragassen

Director (EP-2): Robert Hayward

Written/Created by: Daniel O’Sullivan, Sunny Munn.

Exectutive Producer: Daniel O’Sullivan


  • Robert Hayward
  • Natalie Cattach
  • Wade George

Key cast: 

  • William Ewing – “Alex”
  • Charli Tjoe – “Beth”
  • Sunny Munn – “Nugget”
  • Nick Maxwell – “Trent”
  • Andrew O’Keefe – “Stefan”
  • Chiara Farrell – “Tracey”
  • Mason Turmaine – “Carl”
  • Stingray – “Rookie”

Director of Photography: Bennie Cronje

Diector of Photography (Second Unit): Cameron Zayec

Camera: Paul Tran

Sound Design: Bruce Armstrong

Editors: James Carr, Benjamin Zemanek

Music: Buried Feather

Grader: David Mosqueda