Hospital Show (Can)

Official Selection

Hospital Show is a workplace comedy about the loveable, deluded, “wounded” actors who play TVs most respected doctors. In the centre of this petri-dish of dysfunction is Charlie (Sara Canning), a med-school dropout who could have been a real doctor, but instead, now plays one on TV.

    • Best International Comedy
    • Best Production Design

Director: Adam Greydon Reid
Writer: Adam Greydon Reid
Producer: Adam Greydon Reid
Key Cast: Sara Canning, Adrian Holmes, Jordan Connor, Enid-Raye Adams, Valerie Tian, Adam Greydon Reid, Lynda Boyd
Cinematographer: Devin Karrington
Editor: Adam Greydon Reid
Composer: Sarah Slean
Production Designer: Caitlin Byrnes
Sound Designer: Spencer Carson (GGRP Sound)
Supporting Cast: Sara Canning, Adrian Holmes, Jordan Connor, Adam Greydon Reid, Kristin Lehman, Enid-Raye Adams, Valerie Tian, Lynda Boyd, Alvin Sanders, Kaylayala Raine, Matthew Clarke