Housing Unit (ARG)

International Spotlight

Housing Unit is an interactive fiction project. It tells stories that happen inside a building located in the city of Buenos Aires. In each apartments a different story takes place: in the intimacy of its characters is where the essence of each one really lies. ‘Cobain rat’ is the first universe in this series of stories.

  • Best International Spotlight

Directors: Martín García, Jorge Benjardino, Nahuel Ramos, Ignacio Quaranta
Producer: Jorge Benjardino
Writer: Martín García, Jorge Benjardino
Cinematographer: Pablo Pellón
Editor: Jenny Escandón / Jorge Benjardino / Martín García
Composer: Francisco Cañadas
Production Designer: Jorge Benjardino
Sound Designer: Nahuel Ramos
Supporting Cast: Valentino Naughton, Camila Giudic, Edgardo Rosini, Mario Mahler, Ariel Trapani, Pablo Pérez Brown, Camila Tonet, Thor Ignacio, Quaranta Gustavo, Amante Marité Yegrós