Loner (NZL)

International Spotlight

Charlotte has slowly become more isolated but her best-friend Mel has convinced her to come out for the night and maybe meet new people. At the party, she meets Noah, a spark flies but just as soon it’s snuffed out. Her walk home alone confirms her self-protecting attitude but before all is lost and the next day seems the same it always will be, Noah turns up on her doorstep.

‘Loner’ is a six part dramady love story that observes loneliness and reminds us that the only way things change, is through action. Even if it’s a as small as taking your friend’s advice and going to a party.

    • Best International Spotlight

Director: Lauren Porteous
Writer: Lauren Porteous
Producer: Lauren Porteous
Key Cast: Gloria Faesen Kloet, Luci Hare, Ben Van Lier, Alex Tarrant, Amber Rose, Jonny Brugh
Cinematographer: Jason Antoni Crane
Editor: Guillaume Arnoulet
Composer: Forest the Kid
Production Designer: Glenn Blomfield
Sound Designer: Sofiane Tib
Supporting Cast: Gloria Faesen-Kloet, Luci Hare, Alex Tarrant, Ben Van Lier