Misadventures of a Pacific Professional (NZL)

Official Selection

The series centres on Alofa Williams – a young Pasifika woman climbing the corporate ladder. Alofa is constantly bumping up against unconscious bias in the workplace, and must find an authentic way of dealing with it. This prompts an internal struggle between the part of Alofa that was raised to be humble (Faletua), and the part of her that descended from warriors (Nafanua).

  • Best International Drama

Director: Reina Va’ai
Writer: Tupe Solomon-Tanoai
Producers: Esera Tanoai & Tupe Solomon-Tanoai
Cast: Lagi Farani, Gerald Urquhart, Matt Chamnerlain, Tammy Davis, Loma Iosefa
Cinematographer: Abe Mora
Editor: Daniel Hart, Abe Mora
Composer: Frank Keys
Production Designer: Poporazzi Productions
Sound Designer: Frank Keys, Mona Sanei
Supporting Cast: Poporazzi Productions
VFX Lead/Team: Space Kids Films