Mortal Glitch

official selection

Iria, a young character from the Hero’s Legend video game, is condemned to repeat her routine as a simple pig-chickener until a glitch, a non-playable character with a flaw from the game, kills the hero and Ciro, Iria’s best friend. No one will be able to revive unless someone completes the video game. Iria decides to change her destiny and become the heroin. If she fails, her world ends.

Mortal Glitch is a Web miniseries, 5 episodes.

  • Best International Drama

Director: Christian Moya

Writors: Christian Moya, Juan Aguilar

Producer: Arturo Yépez Z

Key cast:

  • Antonella Valeriano – “Iria” Sin muertos no hay carnaval, The Lady in the Veil
  • Orlando Herrera – “Laín”, Misfit (Latin America), El último en morir
  • Diego Ulloa “Hermes”
  • Jorge Ulloa “Nícola”, Dedicada a mi Ex
  • Erika Russo “Ingeniera”, Dedicada a mi Ex
  • Christian Moya “Alguacil”, A estas alturas de la vida (2013)