Public Writer – (S3) (Can)

Official Selection

Mathieu is a public writer in a poor neighbourhood of Montreal. For the past years, he discovered that his job is more about people than literature. He must first listen and then find the right words for those who can’t write. Feeling the need to tell his story, he wrote a first novel inspired by his experiences. The critics love it, but the book bothers his employer who immediately fires him. Mathieu wants to continue to help, but he feels more and more divided between two worlds: one is to be a public writer and the other one is to only be a writer. Did he steal the stories of others to build himself a career as an author or is he using the power of words to educate others about the voiceless?

    • Best International Drama
    • Best Director
    • Best Lead Actor or Ensemble   
    • Best Supporting Actor or Ensemble

Director: Eric Piccoli
Writer: Michel Duchesne, Eric Piccoli
Producer: Eric Piccoli, Marco Frascarell
Key Cast: Emmanuel Schwartz, Ève Duranceau, Sandrine Bisson, Luc Senay, Louise Bombardier, Marie-Chantal Perron, Amaryllis Tremblay, Marie-Claude St-Laurent, Simone Marchand, Ariane Castellanos
Cinematography: Philippe St-Gelais
Editor: Justin Richard-Dostie
Composer: Joseph Marchand
Production Designer: Suzel D. Smith
Sound Designer: Jean-Philippe Goyette
VFX Lead: Luc Bellerive
Perle Lefebvre
Hair & Makeup: Janick Sabourin
Soundmen: Thierry Bourgault-D’Amico, Marc-André Labonté
First Assistant Director: Benoit Marquette
Supporting Cast: Luc Senay, Sandrine Bisson, Louise Bombardier, Ariane Castellanos, Simone Marchand, Marie-Chantal Perron, Mireille Métellus, Jean Drolet