Robbie hood (AUS)

Official Selection

Robbie Hood is only 13, but already he’s famous in Alice Springs. He and his mates — little Georgia Blue and big Little Johnny — are a notorious band of misfits who skirt the law to right the wrongs they see going down in Alice. With no parents supervising them, no money, and only themselves to rely on, Robbie and his mates spend their days getting around on their BMX bikes, causing headaches for the local copper and
Robbie’s deadbeat dad. The memory of Robbie’s mum sticks in his head though, and his life of mischief is led with a strong sense of right and wrong.

    • Best Australian Comedy
    • Best Cinematography
    • Best Director   
    • Best Original Score

Director: Dylan River
Writer: Dylan River, Kodie Bedford
Producer: Tanith Glynn-Maloney, Meg O’Connell
Key Cast: Pedrea Jackson, Jordan Johnson, Levi Thomas  Executive Producers: Daley Pearson, Charlie Aspinwall
Cinematographer: Drew English
Editor: Kelly Cameron
Composer: Andy Golledge & The Andy Golledge Band
Production Designer: Mimi Catterns
Sound Designer: Luke Mynott
Supporting Cast: Andy Golledge, Audrey Martin, Shane Mulcahy, Tiara Doolan, Helena Gallagher, Dan Falzon, Mimi Catterns