Sasha and her STD

official selection

A burning sensation in your crotch. Yellow-green discharge. Every year 20,000 people suffer from chlamydia and Sasha ‘Sas’ van Zanten has just become one of the unfortunate winners of this STI bingo.

Sas has to tell her bed partners about her infection, but her focus is really on the fact that someone didn’t tell her! Apparently she had sex with someone who couldn’t be trusted.

Sas converts that impotence and shame into justified frustration and so she and her two housemates, with both completely different views on sex, starts the hunt for the real perpetrator. Who gave her the STI?

As she tries to solve this mystery like an STI Sherlock Holmes, she also tries to tell her bed partners that they may have an STI. But how do you actually talk about this? How do you open that conversation?

Throughout 7 episodes, Sas bumbles through the awkward conversations and learns to overcome her own pitfalls.

  • Best International Comedy

Director:David Cocheret

Writer: Paul De Vrijer

Producers: Jonathan J Smit, Sytse Kuilman, Friso De Ronden.

Editor: Joshua Menco

Key cast: 

  • Britt Scholte – “Sas”
  • Yasmin Blake – “Faye”
  • Susannah Elmecky – “Nuray”
  • Jard Struik – “Kasper”
  • Bram Klappe – “Kevin”
  • Floris Bosma – “Daan”