Sheilas (AUS)

Official Selection

Twenty-something sisters Hannah and Eliza are setting out to revive the forgotten stories of the badass sheilas of Australian History.

  • Best Australian Non-Fiction
  • Best Editing
  • Best Sound Design
  • Best Production Design

Directors & Writers: Eliza Reilly & Hannah Reilly
Producers: Nikita Agazarian, Eliza Reilly, Hannah Reilly
Cast: Kate Box, Eliza Reilly, Hannah Reilly, Nikki Britton, Brenna Harding, David Collins, Christiaan Van Vuuren
Cinematographer: Miles Bence
Editor: James Edwards, Kate Deegan, Nick McDougall
Production Designer: Karla Milat
Sound Designer: Yossi Levine, Gavin Marsh, Evan Horton & Dave Perry
VFX Lead/Team: Doug Bain, Kyle Griggs