When Faye and her best friend Anna arrive at Shallow Rock Lake for their ‘schoolies’ trip, she is intrigued by the possibility of romance. But when their games go too far, and a local boy is left injured, Faye must decide who can be trusted in order to escape with her innocence.

A 7 x 10 minute online drama series, ‘Sirens’ explores themes of sexual agency, identity and friendship through a dark and exhilarating story of adolescent mischief in the beautifully eerie landscapes of the NSW Great Lakes Region.

  • Best Student Series

Writer-Director: Orla Doyle

Producer: Kaitlyn McMurtry

Cinematographer: Rachel Gammel

Key Cast: 

  • Cat Ayyar – “Faye”
  • Julia Gardell – “Anna”
  • Jack Crumlin – “Josh”
  • JK Kazzi – “Aidan”