Stu, my name is stu (GBR)

International Spotlight

Hi, I am Stu. My name is Stu. I am an actor and this show is about my journey. Welcome to the adventures of a wannabe actor in London, city full of dreams, doomed auditions and awkward flatmates. Be prepared to meet my compulsive liar agent, my “lovely” and unsupportive mum and all the crazy Londoners I’ll meet along the journey.

  • International Spotlight

Director: Capucine Tavoillot
Creator: Emmanuelle Rey Magnan
Writers: Emmanuelle Rey Magnan, Deborah Curtis
Producer: Pilar Cartro Benavides
Executive Producer: Emmanuelle Rey Magnan

Key Cast: Seb Carrington, Christopher Montague, Edie Deffebach, Ashlin Harris, Lynda Lacoste
Cinematographer: Hamish Saks
Editor: Lia Hayes
Composer: Leo Duncan and Ben Moorhouse aka Ten Fé Gabriel Dutru Geoffrey Claret
Production Designer: Robyn Wilton
Sound Designer: Liam Gilchrist
Supporting Cast: Edie Deffebach, Christopher Montague, Lynda Lacoste, Ashlin Harris, Eleanor Williams, Sarah Lhardit, Leo Duncan