The Arena – season 2

official selection

After losing her job as a seamstress and having trouble to pay her bills at the end of the month, now, Frederique works as housekeeper in a gym where she became friends to a 10 year younger rapper, Ivy. The announcement of a rap battle tournament where the winner will win $3,000, will push her to make the feat to survive to this new exercise.

  • Best International Drama

Director: Jean-François Leblanc

Writer: Marjorie Armstrong

Producers: Marco Frascarelli

Cinematographer: Alexandre Lampron

Art Direction: Catherine White

Costume Design: Gabrielle Lauzier

Makeup Department: Marianne Pelletier

Key cast: 

  • Marjorie Armstrong – “Frédérique”
  • Naya Ali -“Ivy”
  • Erich Preach – “Jay”
  • Philippe Boutin – “Arnaud”
  • Alex Dupras – “Félix”
  • Mounir Kaddouri -“Maire de Laval”
  • Ines Talbi – “Isabelle”
  • Kevin Na$h – “Mathis”
  • Eric K. Boulianne – “Danny”
  • François Ruel-Côté – “Professeur”