Welfare (AUS)

Australian Spotlight

At some point in their lives, millions of Australians will need financial assistance from the government, whether it’s because they’re…

– studying
– dealing with a crisis
– out of work
– too sick to work
– too old to work
– just don’t really want to work

Welfare is a 6-part comedy web series that explores the bureaucracy and hypocrisy in Australia’s welfare system, and how its rules and regulations lay waste to compassion and common sense.

In each episode, a documentary crew follows the good-hearted but illiterate welfare centre boss and his three caseworkers, as they deal with customers from all walks of life.

Faced with a wall of red tape, nonsensical public service jargon and well-meaning stupidity, the helpless customers have no choice but to try to cheat the system. If anyone actually receives help in this office, it’s not because of the staff, it’s in spite of them.

In Welfare, no-one really gets what they deserve. We’re left to ask: can we no longer think for ourselves? What ever happened to plain old common sense!?

    • Best Australian Spotlight

Director: Frank Lotito
Samuel Bartlett
Producers: Laura Jane Emes, Steve Bastoni
Executive Producers: 
Steve Roche, Scott Corfield
Associate Producer: 
Meg Pascoe
Assistant Director: 
Jemma van Loenen
Brendan Young
Alex Katz
Key Cast: Steve Bastoni, Laura Jane Emes, Jackson Tozer, Vuyo Loko, Peter Helliar, Daniela Farinacci, Sybil Quadros, Chris Asimos, Rhys Mitchell, Pia Miranda, Damian Walshe-Howling, Glenn Maynard

Supporting Cast: Georgia Watson, Val Bastoni, Grant Donaldson, Adam La Rosa, Damien Sunners, Holly Brindley, Brigitte Jarvis, Elisha Labriola, Sotiris Tzelios, Andrea Holton, Caleb Gunning, Dani Freeman, Timothy Smith