Youth on Strike! (AUS)

Official Selection

In March 2019 over 150,000 Australian students went on strike to demand climate change action. They risked their studies to unite their generation, while still doing their homework. This is the story of how young Aussies defied calls to stay in school and organised one of the largest youth-led movements Australia has ever seen, told by twelve diverse students who vlogged the whole thing. These young people shared their stories of who they are and captured what it took to organise a movement. Using only footage recorded by the students, this is their story, this is Youth On Strike!

    • Best Australian Non-Fiction
    • Best Editing

Director: Rob Innes
Writer: Rob Innes
Producers: Rob Innes, Mish Armstrong
Editor: Laura Wood, Sabine Battel
Sound mix: Paul Baxter (Baxter Sound)
Associate Producers: 
Lawrence Jackson, Charlie Wood
Executive Producers for Junkee Media: Tim Duggan, Nick Arnold
Associate Cast Producers: 
Jimmy Eaton, Natalia Nespeca