Robbie Hood is only 13, but already he’s famous in Alice Springs. He and his mates — little Georgia Blue and big Little Johnny — are a notorious band of misfits who skirt the law to right the wrongs they see going down in Alice.

Robbie Hood (AUS) writer and director Dylan River recently spoke to Melbourne Webfest to share how Robbie Hood and his merry crew came to life in a unique Australian landscape.

What inspired your series?

Robbie Hood was inspired by my growing up in Alice Springs. The stories extend from my first-hand experience to stories told by friends and family.

Why did you decide on the web-series format?

We originally talked about the story being a short film, as we had too many ideas to fit into the format, we lent towards a short series.

What was your release strategy?

SBS came on board early and helped fund the series. Their streaming platform covered our Australian release.

Robbie Hood Trailer

How important is the message/theme in your series?

Everything I do has to be important to me. It has to be authentic in what I’m saying and also, teach the wider audience in the process.

What was the casting process for your series like? Were the actors local to the Alice Springs area?

Initially, we decided everyone we used would be local, this was from a financial standpoint but also for the authenticity of the characters and their performances, especially with the three main cast. However, a couple of roles were played by first-time actors we brought from interstate.

What was the character development process for Robbie like? He is relatable to young audiences (fact-checked with my young nephew), was he based on any real world experiences?

There is a little bit of everyone in Robbie. At his core we wanted the character to have an extremely strong moral compass. This then allowed us to make him be a bit cheeky, a bit naive and a bit of a kid really. Some things he does are things I would do, some are things I’ve watched, mostly it’s Pedrea Jackson and his own personality that’s shining through!

What does the future hold for the Robbie Hood series?

The story of Robbie is done, for now, however, there are many more stories in this world I want to tell, some are not too far connected from what people have resonated with, in Robbie Hood.