Ahead of the inaugural Melbourne Web Series Festival on 20 July, we’re profiling all 30 series that made the Official Selection list. Next up is 3X3, created by Damien Javelle.

3X3, filmed in Paris, a transmedia story about a young man with amnesia who is trapped reliving the same three days until he can solve the mystery of his identity. Mathieu (named by the hospital staff) wakes up on December 29th 1999, in a hospital room in the city of Paris … Suffering amnesia, having no identity, and no memory of his past, Mathieu is diagnosed with a brain tumor and a three days of life expectancy. Mathieu oozes out of his hospital bed and exits the hospital. In his final stage of illness, he wants to enjoy his last moments. Meanwhile, Paris is preparing to celebrate the new millennium. Mathieu dies at 3:00 am on the Seine border, drunk, after three days of excess. The time is suspended, Mathieu open his eyes. He is back to the hospital and we’re still the 29th of December 1999. He then understands that he is stuck in a time loop, apparently linked to the new millennium IT bug.

Mathieu falls into a vicious cycle, an experience with mysterious characters, supernatural entities or residues of the past. Sometimes blurring his tracks, sometimes helping him out, in a city of Paris set as a full-fledged character. Mathieu takes byways and dead ends. A labyrinth with details which have their importance in the background of the story and the general transmedia experience. Mathieu has to know the truth about himself to get out of this mental mausoleum. He has to live in this alternative time experience in a fantastic Paris. It is by understanding the meaning of his quest that Mathieu will advance on the path of finding his true identity.

3×3 is a story that will unfold over 3 seasons, which includes new characters, exciting situations and mind-blowing twists to come.



What inspired your series?

Damien Javelle’s life and experiences inspired the character of Mathieu and his identity quest.

Why should people watch your series?

People should watch 3×3 because it’s one of the first french full blown transmedia project based in the extraordinary city of Paris.

What do you want people to take away from your series?

For the moment, it’s too earlier to talk about that because we know what people will get out of our show but it’ll be so much better for you to unveil this mystery.

What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome in production?

Production is a never-ending chain of overcoming problems, isn’t it? I’m not sure which was the biggest, but we sure had to overcome a lot of them.

How do you reach your audience?

They’re multiple entries into the story world of 3×3: through the web series, the animated short episodes, the video games, the broadcasting platform.

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