Little actors with caustic humour, cross the greatest cinema sets and face tough enemies, absurd monsters and ever victorious animals in this animated webseries by Maurice Huvelin.

Maurice created Bigshot to effectively tell a story through simple animations, without dialogue or subtitles and with only one scene per episode. Bigshot is the French comedy filmmaker’s first animated series, which he hopes to expand on in the near future.

Tell us about some of your inspirations behind creating this series in such a unique style?
My inspirations are Bill Plympton, Monty Python, Terry Gilliam, Patar et Aubier, Alfred Hitchcock, Jacques Tati, Robert McKee, Osvaldo Cavandoli, Michel Ocelot, Andreas Hikade, Pes, Jeff Scher…

What are some of the difficulties you faced when limiting yourself to one scene per episode?
The principal difficulty was the estimation of the duration on each character’s action.

How many people worked on this project?
10 people.

Have you achieved the goals you set for this series?
Absolutely for this first season! But my ambition is to continue more seasons with other BIG characters, BIG movies, BIG series, BIG historical situations, BIG TV Shows, and so on… I have so many ideas and screenplays to develop with my concept.

What’s your background as a content creator? And how did you approach this project?
Bigshot series is my first animated Web-series. Since I am a comedy filmmaker, I often work on idiotic stories and absurd short movies for cinema. In Greek ‘idiot’ means ‘simple’.  So I decided to animate idiotic short stories with tiny and cheeky characters coming from emblematic famous movie styles, in a one shot scene. My animated Pixel-art project is, for me, a new way to denounce human violence with silly situations and without dialogues. My goal was that the Bigshot series could be shown everywhere, especially at a Web Fest or online with and interactive bonus and gaming.

Differently to previous projects?
Even though it is the first time that I have written and created solely for the web, these three essential elements are always in my mind and will never change : STORIES, CHARACTERS and COMEDY.

What was the most difficult challenge you had to overcome in production, and how did you go about it?
The most difficult challenge I had to overcome in production was, at the same time, validating different creative processes on different episodes, and with all my different collaborators. So i made sure of the following: No procrastination, good timing, sport, chocolate and family.

From start to finish, how long did it take to complete this project?
9 months! For 8 Bigbabies!!!

How long have you been making web series for?
2 years.

When are you completely satisfied with your work?
I am completely satisfied with my work when people enjoy it or gnash their teeth… I am also satisfied when my stories make me laugh again in audience festivals, in private projections or in front of my own computer.

What’s the magic formula for a successful web series?
Do it with pleasure!

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